Forum of Crowdfunding in mediterranean

On October 27 and 28, 2016, the CONECT “Confederation of Citizen Companies of Tunisia” organized the First Forum on Mediterranean Crowdfunding in partnership with FPM “Participatory Financing in the Mediterranean” and ANIMA “Cooperation Platform for Economic Development” Theme: “Crowdfunding, a Financial Innovation for the Development of the Mediterranean Basin”.

This forum had the dual objective of promoting the practice of crowdfunding in the Mediterranean and in Africa and of accompanying the States of the region in creating favorable conditions for the development of crowdfunding.

In the current context of the countries of the southern Mediterranean, we can not ignore development levers such as crowdfunding. Indeed, this new mode of financing has shown, in the countries where it develops, that it is a major opportunity for social and cultural development, a real catalyst for innovation and creativity and a real financing solution for startups And SMEs.

Senior officials and CorwdFunding experts from a dozen Mediterranean countries took part in the event, including Elyes Grar, our CEO.