IT Governance

IT Governance ensures that stakeholder needs, conditions and options are evaluated to determine balanced, agreed-on enterprise objectives to be achieved; setting direction through prioritization and decision making; and monitoring performance and compliance against agreed-on direction and objectives.

It establishes the system by which the current and future use of ICT is directed and controlled. It involves evaluating and directing the plans for the use of ICT to support the organization and monitoring this use to achieve plans. It includes the strategy and policies for using ICT within an organization.

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Key Champions for IT Governance

  • Executive
  • Non-executive

Executive management was clearly identified as the main group accountable for IT governance. (source: ISACA)

IT governance core objectives

  1. IT deliver the functionality and services in-line with the current and planned needs of the organization so that the firm can accomplish what it aims to do.
  2. Implementing IT and new technologies facilitate the organization to do new things that were not previously possible.
  3. IT provides increased customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. IT-related services and functionality are delivered at the maximum economical value, in the most efficient manner.
  5. Most IT-related risks are known and managed, and IT resources are secured.
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